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playphoenix.pro Radar
Radar100 € for 30 days
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playphoenix.pro Names from afar
Names from afar50 € for 30 days
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playphoenix.pro Bonus camera
Bonus camera50 € for 30 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, it’s 100% secure, the program only read your daoc client informations.

There is no modified informations send to the server, the program dont touch communication between daoc client & server like other’s radar (sockets radar).

The wort problem you can get is radar not working after an update.

Only your moves can be suspicious, never say that’s your using playphoenix.pro program.

It’s very simple to use and looks like this screenshot.

You must autorize the program in your antivirus / firewall.

If playphoenix.pro.exe have error with dll, move dll from dll folder to playphoenix.pro.exe folder.

If playphoenix.pro.exe have another error or an error with d3d9.dll, install DirectX_SDK_Drivers.exe.

You must launch daoc first, log you character then launch playphoenix.pro.exe.

If the program still not working, contact us.

Juste restart playphoenix.pro.exe program. Then u can check the feature you want to use.

For radar only, you must check « view alb » / « view mid » / « view mid » depends of what you want to see.

Contact us on discord PhoenixVip1337#7337 or https://discord.gg/se2uxc5
Or send us a message